Essential Oil Bracelet: 7 Chakra Healing Bracelet with Natural Lava St - Handpicked With Love

Essential Oil Bracelet: 7 Chakra Healing Bracelet with Natural Lava Stone Diffuser - Set of 2

Does the stress of daily life causing you to be low in energy and out of balance? This 7 chakra diffuser bracelet will help restore your inner equilibrium. The 7 chakra will help unblock and align your inner equilibrium to promote spiritual, mental and physical health as well as increasing the awareness of the present moment. This means heighten awareness and increase focus which most of us needs in our daily life. 

The second unique function is another way to use your favorite essential oil. Simply sprinkle a few drops onto the porous lava rock beads and it will diffuse aromatically throughout the day. Because the beads are located on your wrist, the oil will be absorbed easily into your blood stream while you wear it.

This beautiful essential oil diffuser bracelet are handmade with real lava rocks and 7 color stones represent the 7 chakras that is in all of us. Aside from its therapeutic benefits it is a gorgeous bracelet that can worn in any outfit. Not only this bracelet is suitable for the ladies, the men can also wear this. This makes a perfect gift for your friends or love ones and they would appreciate this unique beautiful bracelet.   

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